With great pleasure we would like to introduce the second issue of "Journal of Modern Management Process" (JMMP) devoted to problems related to the improvement of management processes in organiza-tions. Our goal is to describe contemporary methods and techniques used in the management of organiza-tions and the directions of their application in practice.
    This issue consists of 10 articles covering broad range of subjects from: quality management, role of continuous improvement of the methods and techniques used by managers of modern companies in production, controlling and marketing. Japanese management methods and techniques and their application in a Polish enterprise are characterized i.e. Total Quality Management, Just In Time, Lean Management and Continuous improvement. The second part of the issue presents specific methods and management techniques ie. Business Intelligence, outsourcing and personnel management in international and culturally diversified companies. Last two articles in this issue deal with the processes, methods and techniques used to manage marketing activities within an enterprise. Authors describe the use of content marketing and Inbound Marketing. The main thesis in these articles is that the tools used in traditional marketing have become insufficient, and businesses need to be more proactive in using communication technology and respond to the challenges of ever-increasing use of the Internet by their customers.

Published: 2017-04-14