Success factors of agile programming − example of HaMIS

  • Karolina Piwowarczyk


The article raises the issue of the information system implementation using agile programming in the public sector. This subject is one of the emerging trends today on the basis of management science. It turns out that it is new on account of the fragmentary knowledge in literature on this subject . It is difficult to find examples of the implementation of this method in the Polish public sector. This article aims at identifying the factors that are necessary for effective implementation of public projects with the use of Scrum. Additionally, it also focuses on identifying evidence tending to apply Agile methods. The article is based on literature on the subject as well as reports on the HaMIS implementation. The literature review showed that the effectiveness of the projects by Scrum is affected among others by time, coordinating a team and the resignation of excessive documentation. The analysis shows two main conclusions. Agile methods enabled to achieve better benefits and their effectiveness suggest creating more legal possibilities for complex IT projects in an environment with a high degree of uncertainty.