Vol 2, No 1 (2017)

With great pleasure we would like to introduce the third edition of "Journal of Modern Management Process" (JMMP) devoted to issues related to the instruments used in project management and managerial processes performed within organizations. Our goal is to present contemporary methods and techniques used by managers of companies and the directions of their application and improvement.

Among various topics presented in this issue attention should be drawn to articles about the application of the agile project management concept from the perspective of controlling processes. Author is trying to show that classical project control methods can also be applied in agile project management such as SCRUM. Other authors take up subjects such as characteristics of the basic functions of the integrated ERP system in the context of supporting the logistics processes in the enterprise, classical and contemporary concepts of improvement of management processes and processes, risk identification and management, innovation, e-negotiations, new motivation and competence improvement tools, and alternatives to the traditional start-up marketing model

Hoping that the subject matter presented in the journal will meet your interest I also ask for spreading the information about it to students, postgraduates, and anyone looking for a platform to present the results of their scientific investigations. I invite everyone interested in submitting texts that fit into the subject theme of the journal or are polemics to published content.

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Krzysztof Woźniak
Emil Buklaha
Michał Golarz
Jeremi Jaremczuk
Klaudia Czajkowska
Olga Jando
Paulina Mizerny
Kinga Kubiak
Paulina Borowska
Małgorzata Kazak
Kinga Kosecka